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Specialists in Manufacturing

Globalisation and technology have increased the demand for flexible production that rapidly responds to changing customer needs and unique market requirements. Achieving this flexibility requires better understanding of demand and management of plans through the extended supply chain coupled with accurate, real-time information for business decision makers.

Manufacturers that gain insight into their customers’ challenges and strategic planning, and use this knowledge to build lean business processes with demand-driven supplier networks, will be more competitive, even in difficult economic environments. Their costs will be lower, their efficiencies improved, and the resulting increases in customer satisfaction will yield market growth – and rising profit margins.

eBECS with Microsoft have worked with Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX, NAV, CRM, Project Services Automation and Field Service solutions to provide business applications that enable lean business processes, demand-driven business management and a tool set that enables the extended supply chain to be linked together. This provides an efficient and effective solution with a defined return on investment (ROI) for manufacturing businesses.

A consistent improvement methodology

A discrete manufacturer that successfully builds close partnerships with customers – relationships based on mutual information-sharing and trust – has a more accurate view of near-term demand and can subsequently build more collaborative partnerships throughout the extended supply chain.

One of the most profitable outcomes of collaboration often occurs when suppliers and customers jointly develop new best practices, a strategy that can deliver exponential savings and market growth for both enterprises.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX and NAV can help manufacturing organisations implement, energise and sustain lean manufacturing initiatives by delivering the tools and information support needed to streamline processes, reduce waste, enable demand-pull operations and promote continuous improvement.

Commitment for the long term

Microsoft has a long-term road map for Dynamics that businesses can depend upon and place their trust for long-term commitment and investment.

eBECS’ enviable client base has been built upon the powerful combination of eBECS’ and Microsoft’s manufacturing industry knowledge, which has resulted in several clients adopting an end-to-end Microsoft solution.

eBECS continues to make a significant investment and, for example, a number of its clients have adopted the Microsoft Dynamics AX standard Lean Manufacturing functionality – which was originally written by eBECS and later acquired by Microsoft.

eBECS has also created additional Dynamics modules that drive greater efficiencies and cost savings for manufacturing and distribution businesses.

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