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Process Manufacturing ERP Software

Process manufacturers often speak a different language to traditional discrete manufacturers, referring to recipes rather than Bills of Material, yields, potencies and continuous or semi-continuous processes. It is more than just using a different language – it is often a very different environment. So whether users are in Chemical, Pharmaceutical or Food and Beverage, the Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX, NAV, CRM, Project Services Automation and Field Service process manufacturing industry solution is the solution to work with.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with an industry specific module for process manufacturers which takes the standard manufacturing, stock, bills of material and routing functions and gives them a process manufacturing slant. However, users of the process manufacturing industry solution are still able to enjoy the same functionality and suite of modules that discrete manufacturers enjoy. Modules such as finance management, human resource management, sales and purchase order processing, shop floor data collection, quality management, customer relationship management, and planning and scheduling are all still available.

The following additional functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 will help process manufacturers deploy a business application to manage the intricacies of their business:

Co-Product/By-Product Management

  • Yield Planning and Tracking
  • Attribute Tracking and Dynamic Formula Adjustment
  • Input-Driven Process Specification
  • Optimised Picking
  • Batch Optimisation and Balancing
  • Variable Inventory and Order Tracking
  • Customizable Item and Dimensionality Structure
  • Detailed Production Costs Analysis
  • Customized Product and Packaging Capabilities
  • Centralized Quality Control and Regulatory Support

For more information on our Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX, NAV, CRM, Project Services Automation and Field Service solutions for Process Manufacturing please contact us.

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