Solutions for Oil & Gas Services Companies

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Solutions for Oil & Gas Services Companies

Do you supply products or services to Oil and Gas production companies?

Microsoft Dynamics for Oil Services is an ideal choice for companies who work closely with Oil and Gas production companies. Whether your business is services based, offering skilled and knowledgeable people on a project/contract basis or whether you supply products on a permanent or leased basis, we have a solution to meet your requirements.

Solutions for Service-Based Companies.

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers a rich project and contract accounting solution aimed at controlling your costs, forecasting and managing budgets and monitoring progress against those budgets. Being able to identify projects and contracts which are running close to budget or about to exceed budget is invaluable in a services based organisation.

A time and expense management function makes it easy for both office and field based staff to complete timesheets, claim expenses and request cash advances. The same logic is then used to generate invoices through the finance function and sales ledgers.

Resource planning and scheduling allows both business managers and project managers to schedule company resources to meet contractual and project commitments. Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics AX will help manage skill sets and experience to ensure the most appropriate people are scheduled against each contract.

Solutions For Product-Based Companies.

With a solid foundation in manufacturing, contract manufacturing, distribution and hire/rental sectors, Microsoft Dynamics for Oil Services is an ideal choice for companies who offer more tangible products to Oil and Gas production companies. Whether you supply main products for rigs, wells or support infrastructure or you offer spares and repair services, Microsoft Dynamics AX has considerable functionality to meet your business requirements.

A comprehensive manufacturing management function ensures work orders are produced when required, material is available and necessary capacity and tooling is in place. A quality management function ensures you take care to control, test and report your production processes and parts during manufacture and prior to shipping.

If your business is more hire and refurbish then Microsoft Dynamics AX has a comprehensive hire/rental and MRO function allowing you to create a contract, Schedule on and off hire, hire out equipment and invoice your customers appropriately. We also offer a comprehensive Maintenance function to control returns, repairs and refurbishment.

The Microsoft Dynamics AX stock control and order processing functions are ideal for companies who supply spares or who act as‘in country‘ distributors for overseas equipment manufacturers. Dynamics AX allows you to plan your stock levels against anticipated demand, manage long lead times and gives your company in-depth stock visibility.

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