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Lean ERP

Lean Manufacturing within Microsoft Dynamics AX can help manufacturing organisations implement, energise, and sustain lean manufacturing initiatives by delivering the tools and information to streamline processes, reduce waste, enable demand-pull operations and promote continuous improvement.

eBECS offers a set of solutions to address the specific needs of manufacturing to take Lean to the next level. In many industry sectors, end-to-end supply chain visibility is required from raw material suppliers, through components, finished goods and on to distributors and retailers or installers. These extensions deliver that visibility and integrated communication that supports those efforts.

Lean Kanban and Supply Chain Enhancements

In addition to the standard Lean functionality in AX 2012, more advanced lean manufacturing functionalities are provided to truly provide both ease of Kanban transactions and supply chain visibility. The ability to compete in a high demand and seamless supply chain is more important than ever – to utilise Lean and Information Technology is at the forefront of our solutions to provide customers with the highest service. Lean Kanban and Supply Chain enhancements to support this include Vendor Managed Inventory, Purchase Kanbans, Purchase Schedules, the Lean Vendor Portal utilising Enterprise Portal, Kanban splitting, Document handling, and Streamlined Subcontracting and much more.

Lean Costing 

Manufacturers must also integrate Lean thinking on the floor with accounting and finance. Working in a competitive market requires manufacturers to understand their WIP balances and labour costs. Lean Costing enhancements to support this include WIP reports and labour cost reports.

MRP Enhancements 

Master Planning and Lean manufacturing are often integrated to provide inventory visibility at both ends of the supply chain. MRP enhancements to support this include long term capacity planning, long term labour forecasting, and enhancements to Capable to promise in order to ignore safety stock requirements.

Quality Integration with Lean

One lean principle is to build quality management in the manufacturing process. When allowing products or services to be tested during the process, there are fewer defections and waste reduction. Quality enhancements to support this include Kanban integration with quality, ad hoc quality order creation, quarantine management, and SPC chart generation.

eBECS also offers Lean extensions for AX2009, see brochures for more information around the AX2009 Lean solutions.

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