Call Centre Manager (CCM)

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Call Centre Manager (CCM)

CCM for Microsoft Dynamics AX is a solution that provides a powerful multi channel sales capability into Microsoft Dynamics AX, including web ordering, customer relationship management, call centre management, fast order entry and automated distribution.

eBECS has found that today’s customers expect to do business anytime and across multiple channels of communication, languages and currencies with a significant shift towards the web. They expect nothing less than to speak to someone with the right skills who has all the information at hand to meet their particular needs.

CCM addresses the fundamental problem faced by all enterprise level sales operations: how to integrate CRM, Telesales and their ERP operation into a single seamless operation and it offers the following benefits:

  • Increasing sales
  • Monitoring and detailed analysis of customer spending patterns
  • Offering relevant sales promotions and maximises profit through up and cross selling more profitable alternatives Improved customer service
  • Reduction in customer call waiting times through automatic incoming call routing
  • Faster order taking so customers spend less time on the phone
  • Personalisation of calls operates through a sophisticated auto-routing of incoming calls so customers gets to speak to their normal telesales agent, and in their native language
  • Doing more for your customer by confirming delivery dates and handling any returns

Call centre efficiency:

  • Speeding up order taking times through an easy-to-use, operator designed Order Pad that automatically displays the customers details and sales history on an incoming call
  • Advanced customer and product search engines and product pictures speed-up each call and improve order accuracy
  • Agent monitoring allows agents to be allocated outbound tasks such as customer calls Real time online services
  • Provision of real time stock availability confirms fulfilment of order
  • Customers have 24×7 access so they can order at a time convenient to themselves

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