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Microsoft CRM Solutions For Services Companies

Microsoft Dynamics CRM For Services is a fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system which provides companies of all sizes with the ability to create and maintain a clear view of their customers. Microsoft CRM enables professional services firms to leverage their customer profile information to target, acquire, manage and retain customers, identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and measure overall performance.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers on results-driven management of lead and referral tracking, comprehensive customer relationship, and engagement management features, improved productivity with Outlook integration, and business analytics consisting of forecast tracking and robust reporting capabilities. The solution supports sales, marketing, customer service, field service and management staff by supporting key processes including:

  • Campaign Management – Microsoft CRM provides many automation and integration features to orchestrate promotion and management of campaigns for lead generation. Campaign planning details, including the campaign specific contact list, campaign budget costs, and planned ROI can be captured, improving campaign effectiveness and visibility into budget vs. actual spending on marketing efforts. CRM makes prospect and customer data visible and relevant through the creation of customizable reports.
  • Opportunity Management – Opportunities can be managed in the structured environment of a sales process, ensuring leads are converted to new customers, increasing close rates, reducing sales cycle times and ultimately increasing revenue throughput. Sales forecasts and pipeline reports visualizing sales intelligence can quickly be generated by exporting to an excel spreadsheet using the most current sales information, and then easily shared across the organization. Professional Services organizations can increase their opportunities and improve their win-rate ratio by more effectively managing proposals, prospects, opportunities, and the sales pipeline.
  • Customer Service Web Portal – The portal provides customers a self-service mechanism for request and issue resolution. Comprehensive handling of service requests, managed in a structured manner, ensure issues are responded to quickly which ultimately improves customer satisfaction. A knowledge base can be created and referred to when a customer calls in or submits online requests. This enables faster response times and more consistent information dissemination.
  • Resource Management – Provides an online central repository for searching, tracking, and segmentation of employee information, projects and timesheets. CRM improves targeting and resource allocation of employees for existing and projected customer engagements. Robust reporting capabilities empower managers to easily monitor and track sales targets, budgets and performance results against forecasts for specific time periods.

Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps professional services firms address key business drivers and challenges, including:

  • Need to Increase Sales and Customer Service Effectiveness – With a consolidated view of customer profiles and engagements and easy access to accounts, contacts and activities through Outlook, the relationship building and service execution by Consultants is simplified.
  • Need to Improve Business Intelligence – Access to knowledge base articles through Microsoft CRM gives consultants the capability to provide immediate and personalized service directly to the customer.
  • Need to Optimize Sales Process and Activity Management – Marketing campaigns and customer events are effectively managed through campaigns, sales processes, and/or workflow. This results in lead conversion to opportunities, assigned activities and referral follow-up. Business analysis and forecasting are provided through pipeline and campaign reporting.
  • Need to Improve Client Relationships and Service – Building stronger relationships, consultants will be able to track customer’s needs, preferences and personal interests, i.e. sports and hobbies. Building personal rapport, generating new opportunities, or tracking customer interests are all key components to establishing a successful customer base in this industry.
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