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Microsoft Dynamics AX Accelerator

At eBECS, we want our customers to realise the benefits of their Microsoft Dynamics AX solution quicker.  We believe the only way to do this is to use Dynamics AX as early as possible, and that is why we offer all our customers the opportunity to follow our rapid, template driven, best practice approach to implementation.

What is an accelerator?

Our industry accelerators capture best practice from over 300 implementations with companies similar to yourselves and are designed to take the stress out of implementing your Dynamics AX solution.  They take much of the configuration, data migration and documentation out of your initial implementation, enabling you to get started sooner.  We deliver all this in template format and have accelerators for both Dynamics AX 2012 and Dynamics AX 7 for Manufacturing, Distribution and Service industries.  Typical content for an industry accelerator is:

  • Predefined business processes hosted in Lifecycle Services
  • Data Migration templates
  • “How to…?” guides and videos for common processes
  • Template starter companies
  • Documentation
  • Enhanced functionality for your specific industry.

Dynamics AX is a comprehensive product with rich, broad functionality that allows companies to manage processes and meet requirements using different options.  During an implementation, the temptation is to understand all available options before deciding which suits you the best.  The eBECS Accelerator approach makes taking those decisions a quicker process by following industry best practice, reducing your implementation lead time and getting your Dynamics AX system live sooner.

We then apply this thinking to data migration, business process management, documentation and industry functionality to offer an approach that delivers value, efficiency and speed in your implementation.

So what’s the benefit?

  • A quicker implementation gets your new system live sooner
  • Benefits and Return on Investment are realised quicker
  • Once the system is live, you can start optimising your application
  • You start with best practice processes.

Once your Dynamics AX system is live, and your business is enjoying the benefits the solution brings you then have more time to look at further optimising the solution in other areas of your business.

Contact eBECS for your Microsoft Dynamics AX next steps plan. 

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