Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 UK On Premise Pricing

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 UK On Premise Pricing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server follows the Microsoft Server/CAL licensing model requiring a separate Server license for each Server on which the software is installed, plus a Client Access License (CAL) for every internal user or device which accesses CRM. 

  • User CAL – Per Named User (Client Access Licence)
  • Device CAL – Per PC

User and Device CALs can be mixed in a deployment and any CAL may have the User or Device distinction.   They are priced the same and may be ordered separately. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has three categories of User or Device CAL to reflect three distinct roles in usage:

  • CAL – Full access – Full rights to use any part of the system
  • Limited CAL – Basic rights to certain parts of the CRM system, still with read/write ability, such as a BI user or senior manager
  • Employee Self Service CAL – read/write access to limited parts of CRM, from an external system via an API, for instance when submitting a Support Case or a Field Service Engineer receiving or updating work orders. 

External Connectors

Microsoft Dynamics CRM External Connectors enables businesses to extend CRM beyond internal users to customers, partners and suppliers through any application/graphical user interface other than Microsoft Dynamics CRM clients on a per server basis.   

An External Connector must be purchased for each server that hosts an application that provides external access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM data. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Approximate Pricing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM licences are usually bought in the same way that you would be your Microsoft Office and Outlook software, and so the final price depends on the licencing agreement you have with Microsoft or your LAR/software distributor. Alternatively, you can buy direct from eBECS.

User or Device CALs 

Server                               :£4,225

Full Use CAL                       :£850

Limited CAL                        :£250

Employee Self Service CAL   :£85

External Connector              :£4225 

The prices quoted are direct from eBECS and do not take into account any licencing agreement, such as Select and Enterprise Agreements (EA), that your company may already have in place for Microsoft products.

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