Microsoft Dynamics NAV in Manufacturing

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV in Manufacturing

A uniquely powerful, extended solution to meet today’s manufacturing and distribution challenges

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manufacturing ebecs

Manufacturers know that to survive in the current customer-focused environment they must change the way they do business by enabling a more customer-centric approach. In order to achieve this, they need to be transparent and engage customers throughout the product life-cycle. Manufacturers also need to offer more flexibility around product configurations, higher quantity, lower prices, faster delivery and quick turn-around of customer enquiries.

To increase profitability and improve customer satisfaction it is necessary to optimise the internal processes that will reduce manual work, improve visibility, increase efficiency, add flexibility and reduce unnecessary costs.
The eBECS Manufacturing Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central meets all of these challenges and more by extending and enhancing the core Manufacturing capabilities of these solutions.

The eBECS Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manufacturing Accelerator has been designed to complement the existing standard manufacturing functionality in Dynamics NAV by adding the capability to:

  • Manufacture or prototype to bespoke customer requirements using an item configurator.
  • Use shop floor control functionality to accurately record the progress of production orders.
  • Use the quality assurance module to assess and report on the quality of manufactured items or components.
  • Benefit from tools that add additional controls and visibility across the shop floor environment.

Learn more about the unique eBECS the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manufacturing and Distribution Accelerators
Download our comprehensive fact sheets now:

eBECS Manufacturing Accelerator for Dynamics (pdf)
eBECS Distribution Accelerator for Dynamics (pdf)

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