Microsoft Return to the Workplace solution

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Microsoft Return to the Workplace solution

Is your organisation looking to get employees safely back to their normal place of work?
Re-open your workplaces safely with DXC Technology and Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Return to the Workplace solution can help you create a safer workplace. Re-open your workplaces responsibly, monitor them effectively and most importantly, protect your employees.

  • Facilities managers – can safely re-open work locations by making informed decisions based on the latest available information
  • Employees – can return confidently, using self-service tools that allow them to work safely and productively
  • Health & Safety managers – can help ensure the well-being of all your employees

Microsoft’s Return to the Workplace Solution video

Solution Overview

Microsoft’s Return to the Workplace solution makes use of Power Apps and Power BI, two of Microsoft’s Power Platform solutions. It is made up of four key applications:

  • Location Readiness dashboard – helps determine the readiness of the facilities under your control and efficiently manage their safe re-opening. Facilities leaders or ‘return to work’ taskforces can use the Location Readiness dashboard to quickly make informed decisions, using critical information, such as COVID-19 infection rates and supplies availability.
  • Facility Safety Management – provides facilities managers with the tools to ensure that they are providing a safe work environment for employees to return. It helps them to effectively prepare and manage the re-opening of their business locations.
  • Workplace Care Management – gives those responsible for health and safety leaders the tools they need. Actively manage COVID-19 cases, identify hot spots for safety improvement, and import data from contact tracing systems to determine exposure. Using the Workplace Care Management dashboard, they can  monitor all of the data from the Workplace Care Management app.
  • Employee Return to the Workplace – allows your workforce to check-in remotely and self-screen before they ever step foot into any of your locations. This self-service tool helps give employees the tools they need to return with confidence and be productive.

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Implementation Approach & Licensing requirements

DXC Technology can work with you to ensure you have exactly the right solution in place to meet your organisation’s specific needs. Contact us or speak to your DXC account manager for further details.

To get up and running with the Return to the Workplace applications, from a licensing perspective, you will require:

  • Power Apps license
  • Power BI Premium or Power BI Pro license (for making use of the Power BI dashboards)


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