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Create competitive edge with a business app custom-designed to meet your requirements in just five weeks

FastApps from eBECS answer your business challenges, fast

Businesses want rapid change, yet traditional app development approaches are too costly and take too long. Off-the-shelf app solutions don’t fit your needs, while most businesses lack the in-house expertise to create a bespoke solution.

That’s exactly why eBECS developed its FastApps solution.

Drawing on our long experience as a Microsoft partner, FastApps is new and proven approach to app development that significantly accelerates the time to value.  Within a typical project timescale of just five weeks, we will create a custom business app to meet your precise requirements, using Microsoft technologies.

Almost limitless possibilities

eBECS FastApps allows you to quickly grasp the almost limitless possibilities opened up by custom business applications that use Microsoft technology.

Maybe you want to improve the efficiency of mobile sales teams by allowing them to access data on their laptops.  Perhaps you want to capture data more effectively in the field using smartphones, or share data with partners and customers over the web to improve customer service.

Whatever your vision, we’ll ensure that your new app integrates seamlessly with your existing Microsoft and line-of-business systems — and that you’re able to start using it to deliver tangible business benefits within a few weeks.

The key benefits eBECS FastApps

  • Gain a faster time to value, by significantly accelerating all aspects of the project from planning to training
  • Ensure your new app precisely delivers the capabilities and integrations your business needs, by working with Microsoft experts
  • Maximise the value you gain from your existing investment in Microsoft technology by joining up gaps in systems with bespoke apps
  • Learn the skills to manage and maintain your app in-house to reduce your future reliance on external consultants.

How does the FastApps service work?

The eBECS FastApps service comprises four stages, usually completed in just five weeks, depending on the size of the business:

  1. Ideation workshop and proof-of-concept

For an initial start-up fee of £10,000, eBECS holds a workshop to discuss the requirements of the new business app and map the user journey.  The experienced consultants then model the different processes involved in the app and create a proof-of-concept.  At this stage, eBECS provides a full price for the remaining three phases.

  1. Production build

Working in close collaboration with the customer’s in-house teams, eBECS builds the new business app, taking care to simplify the user experience and incorporate clear visualisations. In this phase, eBECS will integrate the app with existing systems to streamline workflows and improve data accessibility.

  1. Deployment

Next, eBECS will deploy the app in the customer’s environment. This phase is accomplished with minimal business disruption and includes post go-live support to help in-house teams respond to any user issues that might arise.

  1. Handover

Finally, eBECS transitions ownership of the app to the customer.  We deliver training for in-house teams and users, if required, ensuring that everyone has the necessary skills to use, manage and maintain the app in the months and years ahead.

Leverage and integrate your data

eBECS delivers its FastApps service by leveraging a suite of Microsoft solutions, including:

  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Office 365 & SharePoint

Additionally, FastApps can be designed to integrate data and processes from a wide range of enterprise systems, line-of-business software, live data feeds, subscription services, third party databases and data services.

Find out more

Contact eBECS and request a meeting with one of our FastApps specialists.

Download our FastApps solution summary.

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