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eBECS Reporting-as-a-Service

Gain all the business intelligence reports you need for a fixed monthly subscription

Microsoft Power BI reporting as a service

Clear business insight — on-demand

Looking for a hassle-free way to gain clear business insight — reliably and regularly, and for a fixed cost. The eBECS BI reporting service is exactly that.

Organisations today have a vast amount of business and market information at their disposal, but often lack the in-house expertise to transform this data into valuable business intelligence reports. Moreover, creating reports for different groups of users within a business — and implementing changes to keep up with evolving business needs — can be a time-consuming and costly when undertaken in-house.

eBECS Reporting-as-a-Service addresses precisely these challenges for a simple, fixed, monthly subscription.

By using the eBECS reporting service, customers gain the customised reports they need, as well as the flexibility to adapt these reports and create new ones, over time, at no additional cost.

Most importantly, you’ll benefit from the support of some of the UK’s most experienced business insight specialists, who can help you interpret and use your data more effectively to inform critical business decisions.

The key benefits of using eBECS Reporting-as-a-Service

  • Make better decisions, more confidently, with instant access to accurate, up-to-date business information
  • Interpret business opportunities more effectively with clear visualisations of market trends
  • Respond quickly to business change with fast access to new and revised reports
  • Gain greater insight from your data assets, guided by business intelligence experts
  • Relieve the pressure on your in-house teams, letting eBECS handle complex data management and report generation tasks.

Who is the service for?

eBECS Reporting-as-a-Service is designed specifically for organisations that use Microsoft business solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics and the Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. Reports can be generated using data from any Microsoft system, as well as line of business applications, the web, big data, sensors, remote devices and more.

How does eBECS Reporting-as-a-Service work?

  • Low cost set-up

Business insight specialists from eBECS will work with you to deploy the out-of-the-box functionality, configure the reporting environment and get your reporting transformation started for an initial set-up fee of just £5,000.

The service is built on the eBECS Analytics platform and Microsoft Azure Cloud, which is highly intuitive and easy for everyone to use without the need for long, costly training.

  • Rapid time to value

Using out-of-the box capabilities and standard content, eBECS will deliver your first business intelligence reports within weeks, enabling you to gain improved insight into your business almost immediately. Through eBECS, you will have access to the latest reporting techniques and technologies, and expert guidance on how to make optimum use of your reports.

Your data will be displayed using best practice and industry-standard visualisations, dashboards and metrics, giving you a trusted version of the truth, accessible to employees across multiple departments.

  • Flexible report updates for a fixed monthly fee

As part of the fixed, monthly fee, eBECS will adapt and expand your reports so that they continue to meet your needs, as your business evolves. Customers receive between five and 20 credits per month (depending on their level of subscription)

One credit can be exchanged for a simple amendment to an existing report, while for three or four credits, eBECS will provide a brand new report.

Credits can be rolled over for three months, giving customers the opportunity to either make quick changes or redesign their reports over a period of time.

Find out more

Contact eBECS and request a meeting with one of our Business Insight specialists.

Download our  Reporting-as-a-Service solution summary.

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