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Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft’s self-service analytical cloud based business intelligence solution that reduces the complexity of deployment is as guessed called Microsoft Power BI. The power to share live Excel based reports and data queries as well as the ease of data discovery and information access.

Wouldn’t it be nice to ask a question and get an answer through a visualisation for better and deeper understanding? With Power BI you are a key stroke away.

Power BI has Bing maps built in. You can define location data types (countries, post codes or even latitude-longitude) to map any data over a map and interact with this data in the same way you do with any other data point. Click on a location and interact with other KPIs specific to that place.

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Microsoft Power BI Benefits 

  • Microsoft leading analytics tool
  • Easy, familiar interface
  • Drag and drop interface, enabling you to visualise your data quickly and easily
  • Analyse data from multiple sources
  • Reduced complexity of report creation
  • Reduced development time
  • In memory analytics and flexible modelling
  • Interactive dashboards in your browser and stunning 3D visualization
  • Share In the Cloud, on the Go analytics in the cloud and consume on the road

Are you struggling with any of these issues?

  • Too many spreadsheets
  • Difficulty visualising your data
  • Problem finding the right information
  • Too many sources of information
  • Time-consuming to create presentation ready reports and dashboards.

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