Drive your Azure Momentum with SQL Managed Instance

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Drive your Azure Momentum with SQL Managed Instance

Upgrade to a fully-managed cloud database

What is Azure SQL Database Managed Instance?
Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is an expansion of the existing SQL Database service designed to enable database migration to a fully-managed database service, without re-designing the application.

Managed Instance offers near 100% SQL Server compatibility but with the benefits of PaaS (Platform as a Service). This includes features like SQL CLR, SQL Server Agent and cross-database querying.

Managed Instance offers predictable performance, dynamic scalability and advanced security — and all with minimal administration. So now you can focus on rapid app development and save time on managing infrastructure.

Save up to 30% on Managed Instance
In addition to enjoying the inherent cost savings of a Managed Instance solution, use your existing on-premise SQL licences to save up to 30% using Azure Hybrid Benefit discounts. Contact us for details.

Key benefits of an Azure SQL Managed Instance solution from eBECS
As specialists in SQL and Azure, eBECS can offer a complete Managed Instance solution that delivers numerous benefits including:

  • Alternative, lower-cost solution to Azure IaaS SQL deployments
  • Near 100% SQL Server compatibility — with the benefits of PaaS (Platform as a Service)
  • Easy modernisation at scale, with lower cost and lower effort — manage a fleet of databases up to 35 TB each
  • Built-in intelligence to protect and optimise
  • Breakthrough productivity and performance
  • Save time with familiar SQL tools and resources
  • Dedicated resources with full isolation and security including native VNET and private IP addresses
  • Frictionless migrations to Azure with minimal downtime
  • Right-size your workloads for the cloud.

Best for modernisation at scale — with low cost and minimal effort
For organisations needing an instance-scoped programming model with high compatibility to SQL Server, Managed Instance offers the optimum solution for modernising at scale, with low cost and minimal effort.

What’s more, Microsoft’s new Database Migration Service streamlines moving SQL Server and non-Microsoft database systems such as Oracle to Azure SQL Database. This makes migration to Managed Instance automated and risk free, with downtime typically measured in minutes.

Get the best of  data in the cloud with  Azure SQL Database

Increased productivity
47% staff time reclaimed for other tasks
Lower TCO
53% less expensive than on-premises/ hosted
Faster time to market
75% faster app deployment cycles than competing databases
Reduced risks
71% fewer cases of unplanned downtime than competing databases

Data source: The Business Value of Microsoft Azure SQL Database Services, IDC, March 2015.

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