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eBECS Recovery Services

These solutions use Azure as your secondary site and eliminate the capital and operating expenses of maintaining a secondary datacentre. eBECS offers two flavours of these services, and their suitability is determined by how critical the data is and how broad the disaster recovery mandate is for our customers.

Application Disaster Recovery

  • Extend the application deployment into Azure and leverage Azure components for High Availability
  • In case of disaster, fail over entire application to Azure with no loss on data

Site Disaster Recovery 

  • Leverage Azure Site Recovery to store copies of critical resources in Azure
  • In case of a site-wide failure, bring up a secondary site in Azure

Application Disaster Recovery

This solution stretches the customer site including infrastructure components into Azure for high availability. We extend Dynamics AX or CRM deployments into Azure by bringing up the relevant roles, services and databases on Azure. This creates an up-to-date mirrored environment the customer can use operations beyond Disaster Recovery including BI and Data Migration, which reduce the impact of these operations on the production system.

A key feature of this solution is that it requires minimal changes to existing Dynamics deployment and could be deployed while the existing deployment is running. In case of disaster or planned maintenance on the primary site, eBECS would fail over an entire application to Azure with no loss on data.

eBECS provides the following services to our Application Disaster Recovery Service customers:

  • Deploying the secondary site and extending the Dynamics deployment
  • Maintaining the secondary site including system monitoring and patching
  • Validating the site by performing quarterly test failover and failback exercises
  • Performing production failovers within a predefined SLA

Site Disaster Recovery 

This solution leverages Azure Site Recovery Services to store copies of critical resources in Azure. These resources could include critical applications or all the resources across the entire site. A key feature of this solution is that the copies of these resources are stored in a dormant state on Azure, and the ongoing cost of this configuration is minimal.

When a failover is required, eBECS will bring up the secondary site in Azure by hydrating the server backups as Azure Virtual Machines. We also handle the network configuration so that once the resources are available, the applications are ready for use without having to direct clients to different servers or update their configurations.

eBECS provides the following services to our Site Disaster Recovery Service customers:

    • Assessing the Recovery Set for critical applications
    • Deploying and Configuring Azure Site Recovery Vaults
    • Maintaining the replication between the customer site and Azure
    • Validating the Azure Site Recovery backups by performing quarterly test restores of the site
    • Performing the site failovers within a predefined SLA
    • Supporting the failback activities including minimizing downtime

Which eBECS Recovery Service is right for you?

    These services offer different levels of protection, availability and cost; and some of the key differences are called out below:


    Suited for.. 

    Recovery Point Objective (RPO)  

    Recovery Time Objective (RTO)  

    Application Disaster Recovery   

    Web applications with all data in SQL – Dynamics AX, CRM, SharePoint   

    0 – No loss of committed data  

    Minutes – based on SLA 

    Site Disaster Recovery

    A wide variety of resources including non-web applications and Windows infrastructure  

    30+ seconds – Based on minimum sync frequency

    Hours/Days – based on size of resources

    Please contact eBECS for your bespoke eBECS Cloud Recovery Assessment documentation. 

    See how to protect your critical data and systems with Azure

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