eBECS Event, Committee and Membership Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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eBECS Event, Committee and Membership Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365

A unique additional business app for Dynamics 365

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 eBECS Event, Committee and Membership Management is a unique additional business app for originations with a particular need to integrate the management of Events and Memberships within Dynamics 365.

Event Management allows you to create and manage events natively in Dynamics 365.

The solution supports:

  • Sessions
  • Fee Schedules
  • Member, Supporter and Partner pricing
  • Group Registration
  • Promo Codes
  • Registration Questions
  • Maximum Registration Counts

It also includes a customer Event Portal for advertising and customer event registration, with auto-generation of the customer invoice on registration.

Committee Management allows you to:

  • Use a SharePoint document library to manage Committee documents
  • Manage Committee members and roles
  • Expose SharePoint online within the customer Event Portal.

Membership Management allows you to:

  • Manage Membership types as Dynamics Products
  • Use the Portal front-end to support new membership registrations and renewals
  • Manage Membership event pricing
  • Support company and individual Membership types.

Table Planning allows:

  • Drag-and-drop table planning natively in Dynamics
  • Customer booking of tables and seats through the customer Event Portal
  • Requests for additional seats and table through the Portal
  • Allocation of contacts to specific table seating by Portal users.

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