The Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Project Audit

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The Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Project Audit

Get your project back on track.Talk to us about how our implementation experts can help.

In just a few days we can show you how to recover your ‘distressed’ project and deliver on time and on budget.

Struggling with your AX implementation? Issues with deadlines and budget? Worried about stakeholders not getting the envisaged value? eBECS offers the expert solution. With our targeted Microsoft Dynamics AX Project Audit approach, you’ll get pragmatic recommendations for getting your project back on track – fast! Because it’s a targeted approach you benefit from our expert functional architects, project managers and technical consultants engaging with you on-site to fully understand your business objectives.

The result: a clear Project Recovery Plan in just a few days and a rapid route to full project success.

The eBECS AX 2012 Project Audit

Step 1 – Mastery A rapid health check of your system to analyze changes needed to stabilize the situation.

Step 2 – Validation Validation of your key business processes mapped to your strategic goals.

Step 3 – Roadmap An eBECS Project Manager works with your senior management to agree a roadmap to success.

Step 4 – Stabilization Project and business process stabilization as soon as possible to ensure business continuity.


Step 5 – Rapid Implementation Depending on agreements in previous steps, we engage with you on a rapid implementation of the project in accordance with objectives and timescales agreed in the roadmap (Step 3).

Step 6 – Post Implementation Review and 24/7 Support A formal post implementation review will be undertaken to confirm the benefits proposed have been achieved and to agree future steps. With 24/7 support, you’ll be in good hands.


“The eBECS team quickly stepped into our business and guided us down a plan we needed to take our company live on AX 2012 CU6. They took time to review the project, what was required, and to detail out the right plan for us. They guided us along every step to ensure we would be taken live on time and on budget.” ElectroCraft 

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