Microsoft Dynamics AX Supply Chain Health Check

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Microsoft Dynamics AX Supply Chain Health Check

Minimize inventory, maximize customer service.Talk to us about our proven supply chain diagnosis and improvement service.

Achieve a clear Supply Chain Improvement Plan in a matter of days! 

In just a few days we can show you how to maximize your Dynamics AX-based supply chain.

Need to reduce inventory? Looking to create a plan for every part? Searching for ways to reduce lead-times and increase customer service?

The eBECS Microsoft Dynamics AX Supply Chain Health Check is a fact-based and practical approach to supply chain analysis for any company using Microsoft Dynamics AX.

In our modern age of global supply chains, it is imperative that companies understand the ways in which they can provide excellent customer service with the minimum amount of inventory on-hand.

eBECS’commitment to you

We will commit the time and expertise necessary to truly understand your supply chain and develop value-driven solutions to meet your business goals.

  • Drawing on our industry experience, our dedicated team of experts will analyze and diagnose your supply chain.
  • We run our specially developed AX Business Intelligence tools.
  • Based on the data gathered, our process reviews and our industry-leading experience we compile a Health Assessment of your supply chain.
  • The outcome of the assessment will be a clear Supply Chain Improvement Plan.

Just some of the deliverables you will receive

  • Practical recommendations on how to run your supply chain from finished products through component inventory.
  • Business improvement areas clearly identified.
  • Go-to-market strategy for your finished goods inventory.
  • Introduction to tools such as VMI, Purchase Kanban, and Purchase Schedules in Dynamics AX2012 or AX2009.

Our targeted and efficient approach

Critically, this eBECS service is targeted and delivered by true Dynamics AX supply chain experts, so all of this can be achieved in a matter of days. Instead of months of deliberation, you get a rapid assessment and insights that can form the basis for immediate business and profitability improvements.

Contact eBECS for your Microsoft Dynamics AX Supply Chain Healthcheck 

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