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Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Utilities

Many Water Utilities have experienced a significant increase in both core and commercial ‘non-appointed’ business, including mechanical and environmental services. This success has put a strain on existing management systems which can lead to a risk of loss of business, profit and continued growth.

Up until now, many water utilities have been managed by unconnected spreadsheets and disparate financial reporting tools. eBECS can deliver solutions that let your business focus on delivering outstanding services.

A Microsoft Dynamics CRM For Utilities solution helps Water Utility companies manage every aspect of their business, including client management, work and job management and mobile field service operations.

Our solution can help you streamline operations while improving the quality of customer interactions, help you make faster and smarter decisions, and let you leverage the investment you’ve already made in your existing Microsoft technology platform.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a solution that users feel comfortable working with and is a natural part of their daily work activities. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is as familiar and easy to use as Outlook.

This drives maximum user adoption of the solution by delivering it through standard and familiar Microsoft desktop applications that users know and understand. As well as Appointments and Emails, all Client, Contact, Job, Property and Visit information can be managed within Microsoft Outlook.

Collaborative Project Management

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint combine to help you better manage your projects in one common application.
  • Dashboards help you to quickly see if the project is on time and budget
  • Create quick and easy project status reports for your client
  • Collaborate with your customers by sharing documents via a SharePoint portal
  • Search and manage all the related project documentation
  • Provide version control and workflow
  • Quickly assign project tasks and reminders to the project team
  • Manage Timesheets and Expenses for the project

Contact us to find out how Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Utilities can help your company.

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