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Microsoft SharePoint 2013 gives organisations the ability to work together like never before and optimise how people interact around content. Organisations that collaborate are more effective and SharePoint is the perfect platform for this.

SharePoint makes it easier to manage your organisation by creating a centralised hub for content and managing processes and ensures you can have the security around any content you want.

Convert your time consuming and cumbersome manual processes into a SharePoint Workflow and free up resource for other activities.

Discover your content and take advantage of the extremely powerful SharePoint Search functionality, it doesn’t just search the names of your documents, it will read them and bring back results based on the contents of your documents and other content.

Show your workforce the content they need to see! Take advantage of audience targeting in SharePoint. Don’t make people look for what they need, make it the first thing they see.

Streamline your content by setting retention policies. Why store a document for 15 years if you only need to keep it for 3?

Use SharePoint as your Intranet. It’s easy to use and extremely powerful. We can set it up for you then train your selected users to be able to manage the content without any need for technical skills.

SharePoint Online 

SharePoint Online enables you to have all the powerful functionality of SharePoint at your fingertips without any of the overheads of managing the infrastructure yourself.  With the Client Side Object Model and RESTful services you can retain almost all of the power and flexibility of an on premise implementation without any of the associated overhead.  You’ll be upgraded to the latest version automatically so you’ll never have to worry about mitigating the risk of an upgrade.

SharePoint Apps

Take advantage from the thousands of Apps that have been created for SharePoint 2013 or have your own designed to your specifications and built by us.  You can extend the powerful functionality of SharePoint by creating an app to make SharePoint do whatever you need.  Create an app for your employees to complete to record an accident and then have it automatically open up a case in your ERP system.  Almost anything is possible.

Full Audit Logging and Traceability

SharePoint can record every time a document is opened or changed meaning you can investigate who has been opening and editing documents.  It can also maintain a version of the document each time it is changed meaning you have the full history of a document.  You can also keep major and minor versions of documents that only you as the editor can see until published into a major version.


SharePoint is excellent for compliance and policy management.  You can utilise workflows to ensure compliance around procedures and policies.  It’s all part of SharePoint so you can implement complex procedures and policies into an automated process saving your employees time and ensuring stringent compliance.

Customise SharePoint

Extend the already powerful functionality of SharePoint.  SharePoint is a very flexible platform and enables you to make it work exactly how you want it to by creating Apps, Webparts, Application Pages, User Controls, Workflows, Event Receivers and more all built to your specifications.  SharePoint is a fully flexible .NET platform and has all the associated power that comes with being able to reach into the entire .NET Framework.


  • With our proven track record in Dynamics AX, CRM and BI we can create seamless integration across the Microsoft stack.
  • Store your AX or CRM Documents in SharePoint and take advantage of SharePoint’s powerful Enterprise Content Management.
  • Create Role Centers that meet your Company’s needs.
  • Manage your projects with Project Server 2013 in SharePoint
  • View your BI reports in one location.
  • AX functionality through a thin client.

Contact eBECS on how you can benefit by integrating SharePoint with other systems.

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