Agile BI Implementation Approach at eBECS

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Agile BI Implementation Approach at eBECS

Thu, 20, Feb, 2020

At eBECS, we provide expert, 100% data driven Business Intelligence (BI) Projects. The DNA of our success centres around best practice, industry-wide methodologies. The focus of this webinar is around Business Event Analysis and Modelling (BEAM), an Agile requirement gathering methodology specifically used for BI data warehouse solutions.

BEAM is neither a tool or technology. The power of this methodology is the value it provides to the business, where a Consultant asks numerous open questions (how, why, when, etc) to help discover the key processes. Focusing on business process, rather than technologies, ensure the users are getting what they want from the data. We will provide some examples of where this has really helped our existing customers.

The 45-minute session will explain the theory behind BEAM, what it is, the outcomes and supporting artefacts. We will also discuss how BEAM helps support the entire project lifecycle – starting with requirements gathering, all the way up to the deployment phase. Audience questions and comments are encouraged throughout.

The webinar will cover the following:

  • Background
  • BEAM Methodology
  • Roles
  • Supporting Artefacts
  • Other Techniques
  • BEAM Recap & Next Steps 

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