Digitally transform your AEC business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

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Digitally transform your AEC business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

Mon, 13, Jul, 2020

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the AEC Industry: Technology for compliance, efficiency and profit

eBECS understands very well that Architecture, Engineering and Construction companies are under intense pressure — not only to keep large and complex projects on track and profitable, but to build more efficiency and profit into everyday operations. And all of this while keeping on top of compliance and health and safety.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 takes a new approach to business applications. It unifies Microsoft’s current CRM and ERP cloud solutions into one cloud service with new purpose-built business applications that work together seamlessly to help you manage specific business functions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations is the new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application within the exciting new Dynamics 365 solution; and it is this vital component that is the focus of this latest webinar for AEC companies.

At the webinar you will learn how your business can use Dynamics 365 for Operations to:
• Master the challenges of AEC project management
• Provide competitive quotes and bids based on reliable financial and operational information
• Perform resource-efficient and reliable planning for work breakdown structures
• Capture much more data about a customer’s profile, enabling you to make better informed, smarter decisions
• See how the case for a client-centric approach is overwhelming
• Take advantage of mobile computing to make your business processes more efficient.

This webinar is suitable for business and technology decision makers in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries.

Click here to view the webinar.

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