Managing Hybrid Environments with Azure

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Managing Hybrid Environments with Azure

Mon, 13, Jul, 2020

The last couple of years have particularly seen a rise in cloud-based solutions, with many organisations utilising the low-cost, low-maintenance approach to business solutions. This does not mean on-premises servers or data centres are a thing of the past – the beauty of a Modern BI platform is the ability to use a variety of tools, techniques and technologies across a mixture of environments.

In this webinar, eBECS will cover Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and the latest Microsoft offering – Managed Instance. Both assist organisations with leveraging cloud and on-premise environments, thus providing a platform to gradually move services into the cloud. In addition, we will provide scenarios of when IaaS and Managed Instance are appropriate and how a hybrid solution can help form your future data strategy.

The 45-minute workshop is focused towards CTO’s and infrastructure decision makers, seeking an easily scalable roadmap to the cloud. Audience participation is welcomed throughout.

The webinar will cover the following:
• IaaS
• Managed Instance
• BI Workloads
• Case Study
• Next Steps
• 4-Week Cloud, Infrastructure and on-premises review
o Collaborative consultancy to understand the business requirements
o Access to Cloud Architects, Technical Consultants and a Specialist Project Team
o Insight to customer projects to how to avoid potential pitfalls
o A structured approach to meet business needs and answer business questions
o Support along the journey to meet requirements

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