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At Dynaway, we ensure that your business gets the best solutions on the market which enables you to save costs and time. We offer innovative, industry focused solutions for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). With the EAM module from Dynaway we give you the power to focus on what is at the heart of enterprise asset management: Cost effective maintenance processes that continuously bring down equipment down time. Maintenance planning, execution and analysis is all supported to assist you in continuously improving the maintenance processes and thereby reduce costs and production down time.

Our vision is to enable our customers to become industry leaders through digital transformation, stellar implementation of our solutions and dedicated customer care. Let us help you go further.

Relationship with eBECS

Across the years, Dynaway has been partnering with eBECS to deliver expertise and services related to implementation, development, and support of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions on Microsoft Dynamics platform. The value proposition to existing and potential customers comes from Dynaway’s extensive knowledge and exclusive focus on Enterprise Asset Management.

Solution Overview(s)

  • EAM

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is an advanced module for managing assets and maintenance jobs in Microsoft Dynamics® 365 for Finance Operations. Enterprise Asset Management integrates seamlessly with several modules in Microsoft Dynamics® 365 for Finance and Operations.

Dynaway EAM helps you efficiently plan and execute tasks related to the maintenance and servicing your company’s assets. The set of features included within Dynaway EAM enables your machinery and equipment to work continuously without unnecessary interruptions or breakdowns.

Whitepaper download   |    Overview Video

  • Mobile Client

Dynaway Mobile Client is a comprehensive offline capable client that supports a very wide variety of processes related to work order execution. The Mobile Client is a webapp. The Mobile Client can be accessed via any browser, which gives you flexibility with the devices you would want to use the Mobile Client on.


  • Checklists
  • Fault registrations
  • Production stop registrations
  • Attachments
  • Item forecasts
  • Consumption (hours, items, expenses)
  • Related purchase orders
  • Work order stage
  • Sign-off report


Work order execution video

EAM for Maintenance Workers video


  • Planning Board

In the mobile solution for Dynaway Enterprise Asset Management, the Planning board module is used for planning unscheduled work order lines on individual workers.

Planners, supervisors, and managers can schedule and reschedule work order lines on the Mobile Client. Scheduling is updated in real time. You drag-and-drop a work order line from the unscheduled area to the calendar area to schedule it.

Factsheet download

Video EAM for Maintenance Planners


  • Service Portal

The Service portal module on the Mobile Client allows you to quickly and easily create requests on objects, for example, when a worker detects an error, a faulty setup, or a need for inspection on a machine /work center.

This module is intended for shop floor workers who operate machines or other types of equipment, which regularly require maintenance or service.

Video EAM for Machine Operators


  • Offline Inventory

The module allows the worker to execute work orders and register spare part usage when the Mobile Client is offline. After the device is online again, the registered information gets synchronized right away with the ERP.

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