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Custom with the ease of standard.

At e-Con Solutions we think buying things should be easy, no matter how unique or technical. That’s why simplicity is fundamental to everything we do. Our leading configurator solution, e-Con CPQ, embodies this core principle by making customized solutions as easy to sell as standard goods. Out-of-the-box e-Con CPQ comes integrated and deployable on any Microsoft Dynamics 365 product. Literally Drag n’ drop meta-data fields to make them instantly available in e-Con CPQ, so you can automate thousands of calculations, lookups and entries, direct from/to your system of record. That’s how e-Con delivers an integrated, quick and 100% accurate purchase experience.

For more information about e-Con CPQ please visit our website at https://e-consolutions.com/

Relationship with ebecs

Ebecs and e-Con Solutions share customers across the globe. We also share the same values: transformation, simplicity, efficiency, growth, and customer service. Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) delivers all of these values to our customers: the capability to make it easy for anyone to configure and order exactly what they need — even when your organization evolves every day.

Solution Overview

e-Con CPQ helps businesses sell custom products and services easily and accurately. Imagine that to customize a quote or order, sales agents would only need to open one window, fill out customer requirements and then click. This is the beauty of e-Con.

An industry-leading data structure makes e-Con ideal to integrate any and all front- and back-office Dynamics 365 products, from CE to Finance and Supply Chain Management. Use e-Con to configure anything using real-time data from any Dynamics system:

  • Products
  • Projects
  • Sales
  • After-Sales

Case Studies

e-Con Customers hail from many different industries and functions, from manufacturers to retailers. In every case our software has drastically reduced quote-to-order times, simplified sales processes and improved customer experience.

SMT Benelux

Full-service distribution company specializing in construction, material handling and recycling equipment

“e-Con CPQ is a great application for SMT (Services, Machinery and Trucks) to create fast and flawless quotes!”

Heino Westdijk, CEO

Watch SMT Benelux’s story >


Proud global brewer

“e-Con makes it easy to create and work with complex quotes and agreements in a short time frame. It’s simple to use, it’s got a great look and feel, and from the CPQ vendors I’ve seen, e-Con definitely offers the best value for your investment.”

Jaap Versnel, Business Analyst

Read the full case study >

Indra Navia

Air traffic control hardware and software manufacturer

“We want to work with e-Con CPQ for many years forward because they help us to be the leader in our market”

Tor Martin Aspholm

Read the full case study >

For more information about e-Con CPQ please visit our website at https://e-consolutions.com/


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