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WhereScape provides data and analytics quickly, with less cost and risk, through data infrastructure automation.

All businesses need access to the right information but the traditional, waterfall development processes are no longer viable for planning, designing, developing and operating data warehouses. Too slow, too manual and too complex, the conventional solutions are failing to deliver.

WhereScape’s offering bypasses many of the issues that are facing companies attempting to build a data warehouse. With this truly remarkable solution, SQL and other code native to your target platform are automatically generated, thereby eliminating 90% of the hand-coding typically required in data infrastructure development.

WhereScape is also a very agile solution. Not only does it work with any technology, it can also switch between different technologies, such as Oracle, Microsoft and SAP. A vast amount of time and human resource is saved with this solution is it eliminates code inconsistency and so boosts productivity.

eBECS and WhereScape

Our partnership with WhereScape allows us to offer our customers great benefits and greatly reduce time-to-value. eBECS is the architect of the solution and WhereScape automates the processes.

WhereScape’s automation turns data into information at a fraction of the time giving businesses the capacity of massively reducing time-to-value, and  the business benefits of this are manifold:

  • Technical overheads required for a BI implementation are vastly reduced
  • Project documentation is automatically created
  • Implementation is standardised so minimising error and confusion
  • Staffing resource required to manage this easy tool is greatly reduced
  • There are solution benefits from AI, which is transforming data management
  • Technical enhancements of this solution deliver numerous efficiency gains
  • Risks and potential human errors are taken out of implementation phase.

Adopting WhereScape means our customers can:

  • Markedly improve the efficiency of their data warehouse management – for example, a large data warehousing solution typically takes up to 18 months to implement, whereas prototypes can now be built in a matter of days and new projects completed in just a few weeks
  • Gain access to all their stored customer data
  • Keep abreast of external influencers and current software trends
  • Reap the rewards from machine learning AI.

eBECS prides itself in partnering with the best companies in their fields and believe that, with WhereScape, we can empower our customers to deliver business value from their analytics infrastructures whilst saving time, money and resources.

If you are interested in finding more information as to how WhereScape can enhance your eBECS solution, please visit www.wherescape.com

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