Connect your IT investment to your business strategy

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Connect your IT investment to your business strategy

There is an art to building rock solid business strategy and operating plans to execute against strategic goals. eBECS focuses on more than just installing business application software. Prior to beginning any project, we meet with your team to define measurable goals, and develop a plan that will align your existing and planned technology spending with your company’s broader corporate strategy. The focus is always on enhancing the return on information technology investments in support of your business objectives.

eBECS experienced consultants will help your organisation by delivering industry-specific knowledge, proven methodologies, application expertise and technology solutions that will help you meet your business needs. They will assist your team in getting the most out of previous expenditures for software, resources and infrastructure through a proven process to assess the current utilization of technology assets and the co-development of a vision to get those assets to work in support of the most important key business initiatives.

Our consulting services include: 

  • Needs Assessment
  • Requirments Definition
  • RFP Assistance
  • ROI Analysis
  • Business Process Analysis

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