ERP/CRM recovery

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ERP/CRM recovery

eBECS is regularly approached by companies that need help with their ERP and CRM implementations, which is why we have launched an ‘ERP/CRM Recovery Programme’.

eBECS guides its clients through a proven sequence of steps to help them stabilise their position and provide a future roadmap towards a more effective solution for their business.

Step 1 – Mastery

eBECS undertakes a rapid health check of your current system to analyse the key issues being faced by the business and what changes are needed to stabilise the situation. This includes a technical audit of the current system with recommendations on any systems and/or infrastructure changes that are necessary.

Step 2 – Validation

eBECS reviews progress to date and will work with you to document and validate your key business processes. We map these to your strategic goals and agree where there is synergy and where there is a need to change in order to enhance the overall success of the business.

Step 3 – Roadmap

eBECS programme manager will work with your senior management team to agree a roadmap for migration to a better solution for your business together with timescales and estimated costs.

Step 4 – Stabilisation

eBECS will aim to achieve project and business process stabilisation as soon as possible in order to ensure business continuity and remove any further waste of time and material, hence improving business conditions on the ground.

Step 5 – Rapid Implementation

Depending on the findings and agreements made with you in previous steps, eBECS will engage with you on a formal yet rapid implementation of the project in accordance with the objectives and timescales agreed during the Roadmap (Step 3).

Step 6 – Post Implementation

As with all eBECS projects, a formal post implementation review will be undertaken to confirm the benefits proposed have been achieved and to agree future steps to continue the roadmap for your systems.

Please contact eBECS if you would like to know more.

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