Data Everywhere? Transform your manufacturing operation with eBECS analytics

Data Everywhere? Transform your manufacturing operation with eBECS analytics

eBECS understands very well that manufacturers are under enormous pressure to find ways to keep their businesses lean, while at the same time have the challenge of delivering outstanding service. The ability to predict customer behaviour is key.

At eBECS, we have the skills and experience to help manufacturers connect their systems, bring data together and create new insights.

Using our decades of experience, we’ve developed an expert-led eBECS Data Everywhere Workshop to show you what can be achieved using the right skills to integrate the right solutions with your existing technology.

eBECS Data Everywhere

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The eBECS Data Everywhere Workshop: What is it?

This is a high-level session that will show your company how to gain true insights and significantly increase your operational efficiencies, and show you the value new technologies can bring to meet your business challenges.

This is not a technical session; we will not lose you in tech speak. This is an educational session; we’re here to help you.

Who should attend?

Business and technical decision makers as well as those who have the day-to-day challenge of harnessing and bringing disparate data together.

The agenda

  1. Introductions
  2. About you
    • Your challenges with data outputs and reporting
    • What have you tried to remedy them?
    • What has worked for you?
    • What hasn’t?
  3. What is Data Everywhere
  4. Understanding what technology can do
    • SQL Server 2016
    • Microsoft Azure
  5. Modernising your data platform
    • What can be acheived, that couldn’t historically, with the use of these solutions

What will you learn?

  • Greater insight into what’s possible
  • How to generate new sources of revenue
  • Be able to predict problems early
  • Boost your efficiency and productivity
  • Maximise asset utilisations
  • Reduce costs

What will you receive?

  • Access to a Senior Architect
  • A written report of our findings from the session with recommendations within five working days

Not quite ready for a Data Everywhere Workshop?

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Internet of Things case study: Operational efficiencies and asset utilisation improved for Berendsen plc

“The project [with eBECS] is an investment with a definite financial return – operational efficiencies will improve; asset utilisation will increase; and asset losses will decrease.”

Duncan Macmillan, IT director, Berendsen plc, providers of a wide range of laundry and specialist services to the hospitality, industrial, commercial, healthcare and public sectors.

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Data Everywhere Graphic

Data Everywhere for manufacturers infographic

Get key facts and figures related to transforming your manufacturing operation through better use of data, and learn about manufacturers’ expectations of data analysis.

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Attend one of our webinars, training classes and master classes for a high level introduction to how eBECS can help you connect systems, bring data together and create new insights.

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