eBECS and the Microsoft Core Data Platform

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eBECS and the Microsoft Core Data Platform

We can help you unlock the power of big data and
accelerate business growth

Is your IT infrastructure crowded with disparate data that is difficult to manage?

Do you feel like your data warehouse is out-dated and lacking the capacity to support business development?
By the year 2020, IDC forecasts a big data expansion of up to 40 Zettabytes. Only those companies smart enough to exploit its enormous potential can pave the way for business growth and innovation.

Where to start?
With the Microsoft Core Data Platform – a complete suite of fully supported solutions and technologies that can:

Meet the needs of the modern enterprise: on-premises, in the cloud or within any hybrid scenario
Cope with data growth
Handle information of all shapes and sizes in near real-time
Unlock insights with familiar tools and mission-critical performance
Ensure the highest levels of data security
Cope with data growth

A comprehensive solution from Microsoft and eBECS delivers the optimal data platform for your business needs. It’s a solution that is affordable, easy to use, intelligence-rich and flexible.


With simple and predictable pricing models

Easy to use

Managing the relational and non-relational data at all volumes with high performance


Providing insights from BI and advanced analytics across all your data, wherever it resides


Compatible with on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments

 “Our investment in RFID and Microsoft Azure HDInsight allows
us to perform that job to a higher standard, through better
understanding how our customers are using our product, which in turn enables us to better provide them with the linen that they require, when they require it.”
Duncan Macmillan, IT Director, Berendsen plc

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The Microsoft Core Data Platform provides a remedy for typical big data pains.
Our eBook “Unlock your business potential with the Microsoft Core Data Platform” covers it in more details and reveals:

  • Why Data Warehouse cannot cope with different types of data
  • How you can turn your limited data solution into a platform that ensures massive scalability
  • Which tools you need to achieve super-fast database analytics
  • What can help you develop and deploy apps more quickly and easily
  • How you can modernise your data management in all environments: on-premise, hybrid, or cloud
  • How built-in analytics and near real-time insights boost your productivity and steers you towards innovation
  • Partner content: a unique value proposition coming from the partner’s particular “tweak” of the platform

Find out more with our eBook, infographic and webinar

View our infographic and see how the Microsoft
Core Data Platform makes business life easier
Register for our webinar for insights into the Microsoft Core Data Platform

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