eBECS AutoSave to SharePoint for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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eBECS AutoSave to SharePoint for Microsoft Dynamics 365

eBECS’ AutoSave to SharePoint for Microsoft Dynamics 365 extends the standard Dynamics 365 connectivity with SharePoint Online to enable note attachments to be automatically uploaded to SharePoint and custom meta-data providing SharePoint users necessary search capability.

Find your Documents once saved to SharePoint Online.  The true power of SharePoint Online for document management lies in its search capability. Users trying to find a document do not necessarily know what folder to navigate to, instead they want to be able to search by some key terms. The standard functionality of Dynamics 365 and SharePoint Online integration allows for users to add documents to SharePoint Online manually through the Dynamics 365 interface, however they cannot update the SharePoint metadata/tags with details to allow for the document to be easily found by their colleagues.

eBECS AutoSave to SharePoint resolves this issue and allows for documents to have their meta-data automatically tagged based on details recorded against the related entity in Dynamics365. For example, recording the customer number against all documents that relate to an account, or recording the employee and project names for all expense receipts recorded in SharePoint to allow for finance to do searches in SharePoint for all receipts raised under a specific project. Click here to view the screenshot.

AutoSave document notes to SharePoint and remove from Dynamics365.  To assist in ensuring you don’t go over your storage limit of Dynamics365, AutoSave to SharePoint can be configured to automatically move (rather than copy) documents from Notes in Dynamics 365 to SharePoint with the appropriate SharePoint meta-data populated. This can be enabled/disabled as required via custom settings. Click here to view the screenshot.

Works with Standard Dynamics 365 Sales, Service, PSA and Field Service.  This solution works perfectly with our eBECS Expense Policy for Dynamics 365.

Auto Save to SharePoint solution video
Please view the video below to find out more about our Auto Save to SharePoint solution.

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