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Public Sector Customer Services

Transforming the quality of citizen and patient services


If public sector organisations are to achieve the aims of the Government’s Transformation Strategy 2017-20, they must start to focus more directly on serving citizens, effectively and at speed. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions provide a springboard for the NHS to develop New Care Models to improve the patient journey, deliver education about healthy living and transfer care into the community. Equally, CRM solutions enable local authorities to make services more accessible for citizens and improve the stringency of processes to protect the vulnerable.

With a Microsoft solution from eBECS, you can achieve:

  • A better citizen or patient experience, across multiple agencies
    Enable GPs to book hospital appointments and request council services for patients while they are in the consulting room
  • More robust case management processes
    Track children and vulnerable adults from first referral, through all stages of subsequent care, to ensure they do not fall off the radar
  • Responsive customer service
    Ensure that complaints about noisy neighbours or cancelled operations are followed through to resolution with citizens being kept informed at every stage
  • A lower cost of citizen contact
    Establish self-service channels to allow citizens to report pot holes and patients to change appointments or request prescriptions online
  • Targeted customer communications
    Identify trends such as high A&E attendance among certain demographics and neighbourhoods and instigate proactive wellbeing campaigns
  • Improved long-term, strategic decision making s
    Use Business Intelligence and data analytics to predict recovery times and elderly care needs to better plan the provision of adult social and health services
  • Tighter control over personal healthcare budgets
    Gain the ability to monitor personal healthcare budgets, for individual citizens, throughout entire life times.


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Government-approved platform

eBECS creates bespoke solutions for public sector clients using a choice of Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, a cloud-based platform that is part of the approved G-Cloud framework.

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Patient-centric health solutions built on Microsoft platforms

Find out how healthcare providers can truly put the patient at the centre of their services by improving the patient journey, extending the reach of Electronic Patient Records, coordinating care more effectively across agencies and engaging in proactive communications.

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