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Specialists in Financial Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for Financial Services

In a highly competitive industry, where retention of customers is paramount, agility to compete is crucial. However, increasing regulatory pressures and managing highly complex estates with often manual systems and multiple data sources battles with the need to prioritise customer experience and service them faster.

We can deliver a wide range of agile cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform solutions tailored for Financial Services to help your firm to thrive in the complex and competitive financial market, and empower your relationship managers and other key employees to:

  • Engage more effectively with customers and prospects
  • Enhance interactions with customers and decrease turnaround times
  • Improve customer retention and reduce cost of acquisition
  • Identify new opportunities to develop and sell new products and services
  • Launch more, relevant products in market sooner
  • Understand customer data whilst ensuring appropriate security
  • Reduce overheads

What our customers say

“The new solution lets Beyond Bank users view customer history, accounts, correspondence and portfolio information. The combination of tightly integrated applications makes it possible for Beyond Bank to gain the 360-degree customer view it needs, and to act quickly on insights to improve business performance.” Robert Aitken, former Chief Information Officer Beyond Bank.

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Industry Challenges

Financial Services companies typically rely on various systems to service customers and employees, impacting on response times, costs and customer satisfaction. They need to extend their reach and products, and grow revenue and profitability, in a highly competitive and highly regulated market.

  • Data
    • Controlling access to the data with appropriate security
    • Core banking integration and moving data between systems
  • Time and Cost to Value
    • Combining data from multiples sources and turning the raw data into valuable insight is time consuming and expensive
    • Large technical debt so how to achieve more with less i.e. minimal capital investment and minimal impact on existing team or plans
  • Disruption / Risk
    • Highly complex existing estate at the heart of the business​
    • Regulatory pressures involving manual systems and processes; issues with accessing underlying data.
  • Scale
    • Future volumes unclear.​
    • Significant new regulatory changes.​
    • Keeping abreast of emerging technologies and competition

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