Microsoft Dynamics AX Post Implementation Review

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Microsoft Dynamics AX Post Implementation Review

How effective is your new ERP system.  

Your ERP system is a critical factor in the success of your business.  Numerous ERP implementations exceed budget, lag behind projected schedule, and fail to match expectations.  In fact, one study estimates that 61% said their ERP implementation took longer than planned and 60% said that they received half of the estimated benefits.

ERP Implementations Don’t Stop at Go-Live

The eBECS AX 2012 Post Implementation Review is an assessment and review of the final working solution.  This review is designed to ensure that you capture a complete and accurate appraisal of the project, its successes, failures, weaknesses and issues encountered.

In just a short period of time (seven to ten business days), eBECS can show you how to get the value you anticipated from your new system.  Our post-implementation team has helped many companies that have struggled with their ERP implementation.

With our targeted approach and post-implementation checklist, you’ll get pragmatic recommendations on how to get the value you expected from your AX project.  Because it’s a targeted approach you benefit from our expert functional architects, project managers and technical consultants engaging with you on-site to fully understand your business objectives.

The result:  A rapid route to full project success.

 “The eBECS team quickly stepped into our business and guided us down a plan we needed to take our company live on AX 2012 CU6. They took time to review the project, what was required, and to detail out the right plan for us. They guided us along every step to ensure we would be taken live on time and on budget.” ElectroCraft.

eBECS post implementation checklist 

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