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eBECS Apps as a Service

Transform your paper-based and spreadsheet-driven processes by creating custom business applications with Microsoft PowerApps

New apps created and constantly evolved for a fixed monthly fee

With the versatile Microsoft PowerApps development platform, highly customised apps can be created to transform virtually any business function, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.  They can be integrated with existing corporate systems and used by employees, partners and customers on any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Why choose the eBECS Apps-as-a-Service subscription service?

Often, businesses don’t have the time or expertise to use PowerApps in-house or the budget to pay for external developers on a project-by-project basis.  With our Apps-as-a-Service offering, we provide customers with ongoing access to highly experienced Microsoft consultants who will develop the business apps you need, using Microsoft PowerApps, for a fixed monthly fee.  You’ll gain a constant supply of new apps to drive innovation and efficiency improvements within your business, plus the ability to adapt your apps quickly, as your business needs change.

Proven app development expertise

eBECS customers who have used eBECS’ proven app development services include a major national charity, a home maintenance organisation and a fitness services provider. All have saved time, reduced costs and increased customer service and engagement.

The key benefits of using eBECS Apps-as-a-Service

  • Reduce the cost of custom apps, by eliminating the need for expensive bespoke software development
  • Introduce new business apps for users more quickly, to gain faster return on investment
  • Gain expert guidance from experienced Microsoft consultants, all year round
  • Integrate data into processes from a variety of business systems, the web, sensors and social media
  • Manage your budget more effectively with a predictable, fixed monthly subscription.

Who is the service for?

eBECS Apps-as-a-Service is designed specifically for organisations that use Microsoft business solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. Apps can be built to integrate data from any Microsoft system, as well as line-of business-applications, the web, sensors, remote devices and more. Customers will require a subscription to Microsoft PowerApps.

How does the eBECS Apps-as-a-Service work?

Initial consultation and planning

For an initial set-up fee of just £5,000, eBECS will meet with key personnel within your business to evaluate your current processes and discuss your requirements.  We will introduce you to the capabilities of Microsoft PowerApps – if it is new to you – and work with you to start planning how to transform your business with new apps.

Ongoing app development
Depending on your level of subscription (between £5,000 and £20,000 a month), you will receive between five and twenty credits per month to ‘spend’ on new apps.  A fairly simple new app can be delivered for just three credits while other more complex apps may require four or more credits.  Credits can be rolled over for three months, giving you the opportunity to create whatever apps you need, over a period of time.

Improved business agility

As your business needs evolve, eBECS will also change or expand your existing apps for one or two credits per amendment.  In this way, you can constantly adapt your processes to improve your competitiveness and business agility.

 Find out more

Contact eBECS and request a meeting with one of our Microsoft PowerApps specialists specialists.

Download our Apps-as-a-service solution summary.

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