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Transition Management

As a specialist in Microsoft Azure Services, we provide partnership along the journey as you digitally transform your business.

Our Cloud Methodology has successfully delivered cloud solutions to organisations — and not only IaaS (infrastructure as a Service) but moving up the technology stack to re-engineer applications and deliver these on Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service) to optimise performance and take advantage of the flexibility that Microsoft Azure can provide.


eBECS has proven experience to plan and implement your move to the cloud, with solutions that are tailored to the needs of your business. Our end-to-end approach ensures seamless transition and integration of existing systems and data into cloud environments.

Cloud first approach

With a focus on Microsoft Business Solutions and our partnership with Microsoft Azure, eBECS is uniquely positioned to help you with your cloud application transitions. We can quickly identify cloud-ready applications to migrate or build on new platforms for Azure IaaS or PaaS.

We can then provide Managed Services to continuously deliver rapid iteration using our Cloud Services team.

Accelerate your digital journey

Microsoft Azure is playing a crucial role in the journey organisations are taking to deliver the speed and agility required to become a truly digital business.

Organisations today are driving their growth with digital experiences which connect systems people, devices and insight. The ability to respond rapidly to market needs through innovation makes Microsoft Azure the ideal platform on which to build digital applications. It’s also the ideal platform for customers to reveal insights into their data and become more competitive.

Why eBECS?

  • eBECS is an award-winning specialist in total Microsoft Business Solutions, designing and delivering lean and agile solutions globally.
  • Our people are specialists in cloud transformation and moving your business up the technology stack.
  • Our team consists of experienced Microsoft architects, consultants and deployment specialists who are with you for the journey as a continuous service and improvement resource.
  • eBECS from the outset has an ethic of collaboration and ensuring customers get the most out of their services.
  • We can migrate and implement hybrid cloud solutions. Azure is not an either/or solution – we can help stitch your environment together.
  • We’re your business continuity disaster recovery specialist. Protecting your data and providing reassurance that your business interruption will be kept to a minimum.
  • We ensure you get the most out of your environment by moving each customer up the Azure stack to take advantage of the latest technologies and benefit fully from agile and efficient Azure solutions.

Please contact eBECS to discuss how we can manage your transition to the cloud.

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