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Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a world class ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution used by some of the biggest and most well-known companies in the world.  It is a feature rich business application that can grow and flex with your business, meeting organisational demands today and tomorrow.

Business Productivity is key to Dynamics AX and has been designed to be easy and intuitive to use.  It is delivered with a rich breadth of functionality that makes it suitable for almost any sector of an industry.  Functionality includes Finance, Sales, Purchasing, Planning, Advanced Warehouse Management, Discrete, Process and Lean Manufacturing, Retail, Project Management and Accounting, Advanced Distribution and Field Service.


Smart, efficient users

ERP solutions are generally one of the largest and most complex pieces of software most users are likely to use in their business and personal lives. Making Dynamics AX easy to use is a key driver for Microsoft Dynamics.

Leveraging many other Microsoft technologies, Dynamics AX is fully integrated with the applications your employees know and understand.  These include classic Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel and Outlook, together with newer additions to the Microsoft product suite such as Skype for Business, PowerBI and PowerApps.  This means your users can continue to use the products they are familiar with enabling them to use Dynamics AX much more effectively.

For your IT department, Dynamics AX integrates with the Microsoft SQL Server family of products, Microsoft Visual Studio and Active Directory allowing them to re-use the skills they have today.  This reduces the need for expensive re-skilling and enables IT departments to understand Dynamics AX on a technical level quickly and efficiently.

Cloud, Private Cloud or on Premise

Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner

Available in both traditional On-Premise deployments and in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics AX offers true flexibility for deployment. With the functionality available in either deployment option broadly the same, customers have a choice of how they want to manage and consume their Dynamics AX solution.

For organisation’s who prefer to keep their IT systems in-house or in their own private cloud, the On-Premise version of Dynamics AX (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012) is the version of choice.  For organisations who want to consume their ERP solution as a service, Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics AX7) offers Microsoft Azure based deployments of the solution.

Intelligent Businesses

Today’s business user needs to consume more data than ever before, understand what the data is telling them and use the results to improve constantly the business.  The traditional printed report is rapidly disappearing from the boardroom and being replaced with Business Intelligence.

Dynamics AX is a leader in Business Intelligence with over 40 predefined dashboards, a new concept of ‘workspaces’, contextual BI and a deep integration to Microsoft’s  flagship Business Intelligence suite PowerBI.

Lifecycle Services – Implement, Manage and Inform

Microsoft Dynamics AX comes with a cloud-based service designed to help you implement your Dynamics AX solution, improve your business processes, manage your Dynamics AX application and assist users in ensuring they get the most out of their Dynamics AX solution.  This service is known as Lifecycle services and is a collaboration portal designed to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.  Lifecycle Services, as its name suggests, is designed to manage the entire lifecycle of your Dynamics AX solution.

The result is a predictable implementation, proactive system monitoring and user experience that makes users confident, informed and productive.

Get live quicker

eBECS have created a templated approach, based on Lifecycle Services, that allows the solution to be deployed quicker, meaning time to value is reduced; the business benefit is realised sooner and implementations are more controlled.  Templates exist today for a range of industries and this is being expanded continuously.

Deep industry functionality

Since Microsoft Dynamics AX has a broad and rich functionality base it is suited to a wide sector of industry.  eBECS has completed nearly 400 implementations and has expertise in the following industry sectors:

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